About New Life In Christ Ministries

A New Life i Christ Ministries and Resources Founder

Pastor/ Prophetess Diane Lakeman Hall, A New Life in Christ Ministries and Resources, Founder

A New Life in Christ Ministries and Resources is a deliverance ministry founded by Pastor / Prophetess Diane Lakeman Hall in June 1984. Pastor Diane was born in Boston Massachusetts. Pastor Diane traveled around the world conducting Deliverance Ministries and praying for the sick. In 2008, Pastor Diane later married Pastor Lawrence Hall. A New Life Ministries expanded into an outreach Ministry of Health and Wellness along with Social Services. New Life is currently led under the direction of Pastor Lawrence Hall.

A New Life Ministry welcomes all individuals and ethnicity who are living in spiritual and natural bondage. A New Life in Christ Ministries connects economically disadvantaged families and the elderly to community resources and social programs to assist them to move toward a better quality of life. We are a progressive ministry that believes in assisting God’s people with a wealth of information. New Life has an Internet Radio Station which is extended into over 200 Countries and our Christian tv channels that extend into over 200 Countries.  We are currently adding resources to our outreach program.

Lawrence Hall , A New Life in Christ Ministries and Resources , Founder

Lawrence Hall is a community involvement specialist and former teacher of 20 Years in the Miami Dade County Public Schools working in the alternative Education Programs.  founded A New Life in Christ Ministries and Resources alongside his late wife Pastor Diane Lakeman whom he married in 2008. New Life in Christ Ministries and Resources Inc is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization.

Together Lawrence and Diane started a community resources network to provide social services to assist the growing needs of students, parents, teachers, and churches throughout Miami Dade and Broward Counties which Lawrence witness firsthand as a teacher.

Lawrence became an advocate for students, parents, and family members by successfully helping to raise 11 kids until adulthood. Upon retiring from Dade County Schools, he attended City College to obtain a degree in Radio-TV Broadcasting.

Lawrence Hall is a native of Miami, Florida, and is one of 11 children of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd and Pauline Hall, who both worked vigorously to provide a positive educational environment for the family. Pauline and Floyd, being educators as well, instilled in the minds of all their children the importance of succeeding in life.

Mission Statement

A New Life in Christ Ministries and Resources (hereafter referred to as “The Ministry”) is a bible-based faith believing church that promotes Christianity and a lifestyle that is reflective of the teachings of the Holy Bible. The Ministry meets the state’s definition of an eleemosynary organization and as such will seek to maintain the trust of its members, its community, and the public. The Ministry will prepare its members and other Christians within the sphere of its influence for successful Christian living by teaching the Word of God and through appropriate and effective programs and services. The Ministry will serve as a house of prayer, worship, fellowship, comfort, teaching and salvation for all Christians through a variety of communication and technological means. The Ministry will foster as well as support successful Christian living by adhering to the teachings of the Christian bible, a customized and perpetually revised Church Model Plan (to the extent that it supports successful Christian living) and by engaging in a variety of religious and other wholesome activities and exercises.